Sunday, May 16, 2010

sad music. melting away. negative thoughts. ipod. keeping to myself. wants you to see this. fantastical. skins. life. fail. until you love me. ps. ring. look at me. prettyness. fat. computer. waste of life. breath. no comment. 11:11. late night. bumming out. gossip. copy. blog. because. thoughts. creepy. baby. the frisk. stop doing that. can't you find happyness. cuts. clean. baby. finger nails. gum. beer. ray. hate the love. j. s. seaweed. bed. kiss me. moonlight. wolf. find me im waiting.

thoughts iv had today running in circles in my head fucken stupid all of them are wants and things that iv done in the day or before the day.

i don;t even know anyone who read this just wish you could listen and please come save me.

find me find me ffind me find me

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