Monday, July 13, 2009

is life just a ball of fun until we all age and haven't got any energy to fight.

todays the same az every day wake up in pain slept wrong so now i can't move my neck, thinking of you when you don't even know me but we could have a future together, and wake up way to hot and late, drag myself to the shower feeling like shit fall asleep in the shower wake up because someone have made the shower cold before me get dressed into shit clothes that you think are going to be amazing and comfy but turn out to make my feel even more like shit but im to tied to change, go to the kitchen find shit crap food which has been chips and a chocolate cream thing or cold pizza, turn the tv on and check the emails every 5 minutes hoping that my new old phone is on its way or my bag but no new emails check trade me and buy something that i don't need but i think i need it, then waste my day talking to randoms/you on msn or play stupid fucked up kids game for the whole day and only moving to go toilet not even eating because it don't need to, check my phone every five seconds because i had made plans with people but teenagers are slack and can't be fucked doing anything so i can't make new plans because i was waiting for the old plans person to text back to say no but they never do because they are sleeping in till four in the afternoon. 

theres my holiday day fun i love holidays :) 

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