Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i love you

help me why the heck do i stay up all night baking is it because it takes the ease off the anger I'm going through. i would jump off a cliff for you, id do any thing you just don't see it any more.  You've left me in the dark but you can't see it. iv waited so long for someone like you it was my wish to have you as my friend. It firstly started with smoke then it went onto 2weekboyhopper and now its ..... don't know a name.  You just leave me here while you help these three. I'm sorry for sounding so selfish but you do need other things then these. I'm left here to do nothing but wait, wait for what i don't know maybe the hope that you see me again. i want to get drunk with you and forget everything and i can't wait for that day to come but there are days jammed before that one and i hate when there are days in the way i want them to go fast so i can have fun and be rebel with you, i want to live life, i want to get drunk, sneak out, brake the law with you but i can't if your off helping these things.
i love you so much please come back so we can have more fun
why did you have to move away

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